Welcome to the Robot Learning Lab of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. We are a group of faculy members and students affiliated with the Department of Computer Science, working on machine learning problems in robotics. The question driving this research is: How can a robot learn from experience to perform complex tasks?
This research is motivated by challenges that arise from acting in stochastic unstructured environments, while receiving noisy and high-dimensional input data such as images. Machine learning provides powerful tools for solving problems in robotics that, due to their complexity, cannot be addressed solely by engineering. Object recognition and modeling is a prime example of a robot vision problem that can hardly be solved without learning. Grasping and manipulating unknown objects is another type of a robotic task that is difficult to solve by hand-coding.
While working on these problems, our ultimate goal is to build autonomous robotic systems that can learn from experience, without much human help, to perform complex grasping and manipulation tasks.

Ph.D. Students

Changkyu Song

Chaitanya Mitash
Junchi Liang
Liam Schramm

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Avishai Sintov

Principal Investigator

Prof. Abdeslam Boularias


Kuka intelligent industrial work assistant (iiwa) arm with an adaptive gripper (from Robotiq), mounted on the Ridgeback mobile platform (from Clearpath)
RoboMantis, a highly dexterous quadrupedal platform from Motiv Robotics